Built in the 17th century


The villa was commissioned by the Marquis Giuseppe Carlo Ratta at the end of the Seventeenth Century. Bertelli designed the villa, which has been built in the Bolognese countryside supposedly to combine the needs of the senator’s family. The goal was to create a villa that would have enhanced the prestige of the family and at the same time be functional for working the farm land attached to the property. This was achieved by creating a large central building for the family and two lateral attachments that contained a warehouse, a storehouse, a kitchen and the accommodation for the staff.

A large basement area was also for the vinification of grapes and to store the wine in barrels.

The villa and the estate were eventually purchased by Annibale Certani in 1896. Certani was an agronomist engineer and was the great-great grandfather of the current owners.

The villa was damaged in 1945 during the war and again in 2012 with the Emilia Romagna earthquake. It was completely restored by the Vittori Venenti family in 2017.